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Thread: Tough word to find any sensible meaning for бугръ

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    Tough word to find any sensible meaning for бугръ

    Really brilliant folks on this forum have been giving me meaning/context/stories, helping me to understand why I cannot find these words in dictionaries, even on-line.

    This word бугръ stumps me.


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    бугръ. Hmm, are you sure it was written exactly like it? I suspect it might have been бугры. If it was indeed бугръ, then you came across a word from before the Russian revolution in 1917. In those days they added ъ to any word that ended with a hard consonant.

    Anyway, whatever that was I presume the word means бугор, which is a hillock or anything small protruding from an even surface of something, like a lump on somebody's skin for example.
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    This is a tough one
    Spelling бугръ means that word is not from modern Russian because such spelling was used before the Russian language reform of 1918 -
    бугръ theoretically could be Old Slavonic of бугор which means a hillock or a hump
    If you could give me a context I might be able to give you a better explanation

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