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Thread: Things that are not in the books.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basurero
    Как насчет:

    Брось оружие, иначе я тебя растреляю.
    Бросай оружие, стрелять буду. - именно так кричат наши менты.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DDT
    Quote Originally Posted by gRomoZeka

    But I think it's more natural and perfectly understandable to just shout "Оружие на землю!". There are no time for pleasantries or extra words during or before the firefight. And that you're going to shoot otherwise is clear without saying.
    Thanks, This is exactly the context that I needed. It is interesting that Russians make reference to the "ground" in this situation and that English usually just say "Drop".
    IMO, "Брось оружие" is more common then "Оружие на землю" in Russian too.
    Btw, Брось оружие - Drop the weapon. But: Drop the gun - Брось пушку (Брось ствол, Брось пистолет).
    Please, correct my mistakes, except for the cases I misspell something on purpose!

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