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Thread: Strange word on a schematic

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    Strange word on a schematic

    I am currently attempting to translate a Russian schematic of the Электро́ника МК-52 calculator, but there is a word my automated internet translator does not recognize. The word is either мипа or мипo. The handwriting on the schematic and the quality of my copy is not good, so I am not certain of what the word actually is. I am wondering what exactly this word means, and if you need any more context for an accurate translation, do not hesitate to ask.

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    Is it at all possible for you to take a shot of that word or something? I mean I'd like to see that for myself, right now that Мипо doesn't make any sense, there's no word like that. As it stands, my only guess is that it's some kind of a name or abbreviation?
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