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Thread: simple songs would love some help, thanks

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    simple songs would love some help, thanks

    These are simple children's songs, any help that you can give me would be great, an exact translation is not necessary. Since it is a song we are going for lyricism. I have been very impressed with what I have seen so far. Nikki

    This is the dance of the wild and running horses. Stamp on the ground now.

    mouse, mousie in the housie, hurry hurry do. Or the kitty in the housie will be chasing you.

    peekaboo baby, peekaboo bye, who can play peekaboo, baby and I

    sleep my child I'll rock you gently, bajuschki baju, while I sing this cossack lullaby, bajuschki baju.

    Sing little children sing with me, I love you and you love me
    THrough the night the rider's calling. bajuschki baju, They ride on while you are sleeping, Bajuschki baju
    thanks for you help

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    Well, if not exact translation:

    Это танец диких бегущих лошадок. Топни ножкой.
    Мышка, мышонок, беги быстрей или котенок схватит тебя.
    Ку-ку детка, ку-ку крошка. Кто играет в "ку-ку"? Малышка и я.
    Спи мой малыш, я покачаю тебя тихонько. Баюшки-баю, засыпай под мою колыбельную. Баюшки-баю.
    Пой, малыш, пой со мной. Я люблю тебя, ты любишь меня.
    Афоризмы в подписи - признак отсутствия собственных мыслей

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