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Thread: poker terminology

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    poker terminology

    Привет всем!
    У меня неплохое знание русского языка но к сожалению на счет своего любимого занятия (покер) я совсем безнадежный. Надеюсь что здесь у нас несколько игроков потому что несколько этих слов даже не понятно носителю языка.

    Уже искал по википедию но они предложили слишком англизированные слова (например, поднять и фолд), и я в этом не верю.

    Список действительно длинный, и за это прошу прощение заранее . Тысяча благодарностей тому, кто мне поможет потерять все свои денги в России.....Here's the list!

    Texas hold 'em (most popular variant of poker in the US, two cards dealt face down with five communal cards)=?
    7 card stud (2 cards down 4 up and then 1 down)=?
    Omaha (4 cards down 5 communal, must use 2 of hole cards)=?
    Hole cards (hidden cards dealt to player)= ?
    bet (the 1st actor who places money into pot "bets")=?
    raise= я увеличиваю?
    call (put into the "pot" the amount of money a previous player has bet or raised)= ...?
    fold (stop playing, forfeit cards, do not call)= ?
    Pot (term for money already committed to the winner of the hand)=?
    Pocket pair (two matching hole cards which are dealt to a specific player)=?
    Flop (first three communal cards dealt face up in the games of Hold 'em and Omaha)=?
    Turn (fourth communal card dealt dealt face up in the games of Hold 'em and Omaha)=?
    River (fifth, final, communal .... .... ....)=?
    High card (the weakest possible hand that can win a pot=?
    Three of a kind or "set"=?
    a straight (5 consecutive cards)=?
    flush (5 same suit)=?
    full house or "full boat" (three of a kind+a pair)=?
    four of a kind or "quads"=?
    straight flush, royal flush=?
    The names for the four suits...
    Clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades
    the names of the cards....
    aces kings queens jacks tens nines... treys (3) deuces (2)
    1st street, 2nd street, 3rd street, etc (the corresponding rounds of betting)=?
    check (refusal to bet (as opposed to calling betting or raising)=?
    showdown (the possible revealing of any hole cards upon completion of all rounds of betting)=?
    bluff (pretending to have a strong hand when in reality your hand is quite weak)=?
    "read" (the ability or the product of judging your opponents hand)=?
    chips (the circular colorful representatives of money)= фишки?
    split pot (a tie)=?
    hand (the 5 cards that are played by a player)=?
    The *dealer (word dealer often omitted) button (the point from which counter clockwise the cards are dealt)=
    deal (the act of giving cards to the players)=?
    shuffle (the act of randomizing the cards)=?
    buy in (minimum amount of money that must be brought to a table in order to play)=?
    The nuts (best hand possible)=?
    Draw (a possibility to have a better hand with the addition of more communal cards) ex... I called because I had the nut spade draw (I had 4 spades one of which was the ace)=?
    card shark (expert poker player)=?
    fish (a bad poker player)=?
    ante (required amount of money put into pot prior to receiving hole cards by every player)=?
    Big blind, small blind (large amounts of money put into pot by players directly to left of dealer 1st left is small 2nd is big)=?
    rake (% of $ taken by casino for every hand)=?
    hand (a "round" or single game of poker)=?

    много терминов еще остаются, но мне пора прорыв

    Огромное спасибо Ж)
    (Был бы отлично если кто-то исправил мои ошибки на русском тоже)

    зы. Был бы лучше если я это написал в форуме котоый называется "grammar and vocabulary?" или не важно?

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    Re: poker terminology

    Quote Originally Posted by scotttheshark
    Уже искал по википедии но они предложили слишком англизированные слова (например, поднять и фолд), и я в это не верю.
    Именно так и есть.

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    My five cents:

    Bet - делать ставку, ставить
    Raise - поднимать (ставку)
    Call - I don't know how it should be said, but when I play I say 'Я отвечаю'
    Pot - банк
    Pair - пара
    Turn - ход, раздача
    Straight - Стрит
    Flush - Флэш, Royal flush - роял флэш
    Full House - Фулл хаус (yes, just like that)
    Four of a kind - каре
    Clubs - крести/трефы
    Diamonds - бубны
    Hearts - червы
    Spades - пики
    Ace - туз
    King - король
    Queen - Дама
    Jack - валет
    Jocker - Джокер
    10, 9, 8 ... 2 - десятка, девятка, восьмёрка ... двойка
    bluff - блефовать
    deal - сдача
    dealer - дилер (в казино), банкир (в обычной игре)
    shuffle - тасовать (карты, колоду)

    Покер - англоязычная игра. В российских карточных играх термины свои.
    Send me a PM if you need me.

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