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Thread: Need help to understand this joke

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    Need help to understand this joke

    Russian friend sent me this joke ... sorry if it contains bad words but can someone explain it to me ?
    I know it's a play of words where "Will you" sounds like "вылью" ... but I still don't understand the joke.

    Can someone explain ?

    Aмериканец достал
    из холодильника
    бутылку водки и
    спрашивает у русского:
    -- Will you ?
    --я тебе, с@ка, вылью !

    I translated that the American pulls a bottle of Vodka from the fridge and ask the Russian "Will You".
    I don't understand the Russian response ... "I will pour you" ?_? ... doesn't seem right ... or I'm missing the joke

    Thanks for your help.

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    Will you? - sounds like Вылью? = Spill out? to a russian speaker.

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    The joke is that "will you?" sounds like the man's telling the Russian that he's going to pour that vodka out, so, of course, the Russian gets all angry at him for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saintbe View Post
    --я тебе, с@ка, вылью !

    I don't understand the Russian response ... "I will pour you" ?_? ... doesn't seem right ...
    ‘Я тебе ‹verb (perf fut 1sg)›!’ is a pattern to express an angry disagreement about the intention of the interlocutor to do ‹verb›.

    Random examples from google:

    — Краковскую колбасу я сама лучше съем.
    — Только попробуй! Я тебе съем! Это отрава для человеческого желудка.

    (M. Bulgakov)

    — Мне уйти?
    — Я тебе уйду!

    — Я смогу выбросить тело из окна.
    — Я тебе выброшу!
    Please correct my English

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