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Thread: Baby, Don't Light that Cигарету.

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    Baby, Don't Light that Cигарету.

    I wanted to know how to translate this little lyric, " Don't light that cigarette" because in the dictionary I found that Замечь was the imperfective, but I have NO clue how to put it in the imperative.

    And also is there some colloquial way to say something close to the equivalent of "Baby/ sweetie/honey" you know, like mushy names, add some more if I forgot any

    Спасибо Большое!

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    Re: Baby, Don't Light that Cигарету.


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    Re: Baby, Don't Light that Cигарету.

    Well, I don't know what to say. I want to say thanks to the Academy, to Mama, to Papa and to my dog. I love you all.

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