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Thread: any great sites that have english to russian?

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    any great sites that have english to russian?

    I just started Russian a few months ago. I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up a book. I learned about 100 words, but i have no clue if my pronunciation is correct? i.e Hello.... (es-drahs-wee-chee-um) If any of you guys out there can recommend a great sit that can say the words for you, that would be great. I am in the army and have been training for a while and haven't had the chance to surf for a good sit. Thanks for the help![/code]

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    Check this out:
    Pick a language below by clicking on the flag.

    Then you just have to choose a topic and bingo! There's a bunch of other languages as well.

    Disclaimer: You might experience some problems with popping up windows. As you're in the army I'm really scared that some pop-up ads can damage your military system. Please check out this site far enough away from your missile control center.

    PS Which branch of military service?
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