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Thread: 2 1/2 minute video

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    2 1/2 minute video

    Will some kind person watch a very short video and tell me what they say?

    Its here:

    Under the picture there is a little video button to click.

    If anyone wanted to read the article and mention any important parts that would be nice too.

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    well, basically, the video says exatcly what is written in the article. Almost to the word!!

    It is about a very famous russian figure skater Евгений Плющенко, who after an operation is back on the ice rink. He is not 100% yet, it was his first operation and the trainer ( Алексей Мишин) thinks everything will be ok. They are training on a new dance, where a sick athlete is struggeling to get better and at the end wins.

    This is in essence what this article is about!

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