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Thread: туда их в качель

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    туда их в качель

    ok, this keeps popping up in двенадцатьс тульев and i dont really feel the meaning. here it is in context: путаются, туда их в качель, под ногами.
    а Нимфа, туда их в качель, разве товар дает!
    против ихнего глазетку ни одна фирма, даже в самой Твери, выстоять не могла, туда их в качель.

    also, this phrase. (it was after the aunt died and he found the funeral guy sleeping in the flower bed)
    черт с тобой! делай! глазетовый! с кистями!


    my gf and her friends suggested its some old form to послать smb. so, can anybody throw some light on this for me
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    туда их в качель - I'd explain it as a comic variant of "Damn it!"
    черт с тобой! - The hell with you!
    делай! - Make it! (as far as I remember, the dialog is about the coffin)
    глазетовый! - I do not fully imagine what does it mean in Russian
    some quality of the coffin, I think
    с кистями! - With tassels!
    I would be grateful if you would correct my mistakes, since I would like my English to sound as natural as possible.

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    Глазет - сорт парчи - brocade.
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    brocade coffin with!
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