View Poll Results: What is the most difficult aspect of learning Russian?

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  • Grammar (word order, agreement)

    17 43.59%
  • Pronunciation

    2 5.13%
  • Spelling

    1 2.56%
  • Verbs (conjugation, endings)

    8 20.51%
  • Vocabulary

    10 25.64%
  • Other

    1 2.56%
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Thread: What is the most difficult aspect of learning Russian?

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    Grammar, vocab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pravit View Post
    Dog, I noticed it gets easier the more you do it(that is, listening to spoken Russian), but you're right, there's no denying it's one of the hardest parts of learning Russian. But listening to people speak is passive; you can figure out what someone is trying to say even if you didn't catch every word. It's another thing to actually speak with proper grammar and sound natural - IMO this can only be achieved by people correcting you, how would you guess on your own that there's some secret rule in Russian that things need to be this way or that way?
    That is true with any foreign language and it is mostly due to the pronunciation. We are not used to the native pronunciation.

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