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Thread: What I'd Describe as your Cool Hobbies

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    What I'd Describe as your Cool Hobbies

    I listen to shortwave radio. Any Russian enterpreneur, given the high IQs Russian engineers have been known for, can establish a shortwave radio manufacturing plant the products sof which is to be sold in the Russian market. The market is now dominated by Hongkong and Japan. I am now listening on CBC Northern Quebec which is 600 miles away from my place. Last night I was awake up to 10 pm listening to shortwave broadcasts from China. Russia only covers Europe and not North America. I wish they cover our country.

    I also buy or lease homing pigeons designed for release to go back to their masters. The consolation I get is that I stick a microfilm in the legband which shows pictures of the best flying or homing pigeons in the world or a picture of a shirt in the microdot which reads, "I am still alive, Comrade". Pigeons either stay with the sellers for maintenance or given back to them without affecting the valid deed of sale or lease.

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    Shortwave radio costs 6 months of the number of cigarettes a moderate smoker consumes for such time.

    Vietnam, Voice of Vietnam 6175 Khz (na) ; tip to Russian-Canadians listening to shortwave and who are Political Science or History majors.
    China, China Radio International 9570 Khz (na)

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    Quote Originally Posted by heartfelty View Post
    Russia only covers Europe and not North America. I wish they cover our country.
    Possibly because short waves need to reflect off Ionosphere at least twice going from Russia to NA and because of that the Sun activity is going to kill the signal
    I think it is only possible while it's dark in Russia and NA at the same time

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    15.425 Mhz Russia, Voice of Russia (na). Na stands for North America. I slept late last night. I found the Russian shortwave station operating at 9pm. Read Monitoring Times magazine.

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