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This is what I wanted to achieve. Thanks to SRT file I managed to create this file

G:\ru\Ironija_sudby_RUS_1975\Ironija_sudby_RUS_197 5.srt.txt Enjoy!!!
I just realized something: your copy of Ironija Sudby doesn't have subs? Mine did...Maybe it's b/c you had 4 movies in one (I only had 2-in-one -- the other being Sluzhebny Roman)? At the risk of sounding like an asshat, you do know how to turn subtitles on with a DVD (if they exist), right?
Yes barmaley you would sound like an assrat but it happens I want the transcript in front of my eyes. To make pauses and and look up the words I don't understand in a dic. Subtitles don't work for me yet in Russian. It is too fast and I don't concentrate on what they say.
Ты знаешь, что есть новая кнопка: "пауза"?