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Thread: Russian rescue...

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    Russian rescue...

    "Russia ready for shuttle rescue mission if needed"

    For anyone that needs more persuasion, that NASA/America believes Russian Cosmonauts are heroes.

    Большое спасибо, мои друзья.

    EDIT: The above link has was an announcement that Russia was readying 3 Soyuz, for rescue missions to the Space Station...because of possible shuttle damage.

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    Im sure a sincere offer, but also a little jab at the US space program. lol

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    well since they've offically grounded the US other two space shuttles then... it seems like the only logical choice would be for russia to rescue them. I dont think most people would have a problem with russians 'rescuing' americans, except like the Nam hero who hates everyone anyways. It would probly be cool to show america that they cant always do EVERYthing they want WHENever theywant.
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    In a way I think its good that NASA has fallen behind in manned space flight and is using decrepit out-of-date shuttles that weren't designed to make as many flights as they have---shows the world that we aren't alone in the manned space arena... anyone who develops something that can replace the Shuttle, in fact, do better than replace, will own the market for a while... Go Russia!

    It has been time to replace the shuttles with something new, and better, for a long long long time...maybe them falling apart constantly will force more funding and research, as well as actual development to go on in NASA..finally...

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