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Thread: Russian Movies Subtitles

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    Russian Movies Subtitles


    I thought that this topic might be useful. I'm a fan of Russian movies and sometimes I go through a lot of trouble finding (English) subtitles. I usually manage, but sometimes... not.

    So, this topic is about subtitles... srt, sub, you know. Maybe some rare Russian movie subtitles are not to be found on the usual sites, I thought we post here our requests and (hopefully) answers and links to subtitles.

    So, I'm going to start by asking for something I've been looking for. It is the subtitles for Nikita Mihalkov's "12" movie.
    I managed only to find the subtitles on Subtitles - download DivX subtitles from the biggest open subtitles database, but they're incomplete (VERY incomplete), only about 20 minutes, after that there's just junk.
    Anybody can help? Maybe some Russian user who has the dvd might rip the English subtitles? Any help would be very appreciated.


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