Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to post this...hopefully it's OK and I'm not breaking any rules. Hopefully my veteran status in Masterrussian gives me some credit

A year ago I started a new job in a mechanical engineering field. There were a lot of Russian-speakers in the factory, and sometimes they would ask me to get them a certain tool, and they would ask it in Russian since they knew I had pretty decent Russian. For me it was always very invigorating when they would speak to me in Russian.

It inspired me to create a computer game. I worked really hard to familiarize myself with a certain game engine I want to present to you a little short demo I made just now. There is currently no audio.

Inspired by my work, the idea is for the player to pick up the tools the character is asking for, and give it to him. The character is modeled based on the Russian guy at my work.

I was wondering if anyone is willing to help me by translating the text from English to Russian and voicing the main character? There isn't a lot of text, it's a relatively short game, and I'm planning to give big credits to Masterrussian for keeping Russian-learning in the internet alive and include the Masterrussian logo in the game

You can contact me here, or via email
shieldmaiden24 (at) gmail.com