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Thread: Russian Language Exams for University

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    Russian Language Exams for University

    What language qualifications should have a foreign student to enter a Russian university for:
    (a) Undergraduate studies
    (b) Postgraduate studies
    - Specifically what kind of language exams you should give. More specifically which are the Russian relevant for GCE, GCEE, TOEFL, IELTS?

    For example:
    1. In order to enter a University in USA you need to give the SAT and the TOEFL exams.
    2. In order to enter a undergraduate university in UK you should have IELTS exams and the GCEE exams.
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    just guessing,

    for undergrad I don't think there is a serious exam, one has to speak basic Russian,
    and there must be special regulation in the education system for foreigners (there is probably more entry paperwork than exams)

    postgrad may be more complicated, it seems that serious postrad requires good knowledge of language.

    you need to ask someone connected with work in the university though to have a thorough answer.

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