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Thread: Russian Courses for High School Students

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    Russian Courses for High School Students

    Sorry....not sure which is the best forum for this.

    Does anyone know of an accredited Russian language program for high school students? It must be an official program with proctored testing. Preferably it should offer 3-4 years of the language.

    I am a Russian studies major at my area university. My daughter who is starting high school this coming fall wants to use Russian as her high school language. Obviously our school district does not offer Russian. The school has agreed to allow her to study Russian for high school credit but it has to be through some official program.

    I don't mind if it is long distance learning course. Between myself and a few friends I have at the university who are native Russians we can work with her for the the hands on interactive approach.

    I hope my question makes sense.


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    I don't know anything (so why am I replying, right? ), but I would suggest you contact ACTR (, which I'm sure you're at least somewhat familiar with. I know they do quite a bit at the high school level -- exchanges, programs, essay contests, etc. They should be able to help you to some extent, I imagine. If nothing else, you may be able to get a member directory and see the host insitution for these instructors.
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