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Thread: Race and Religion

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    Race and Religion

    Ты сможешь ответить на русском языке, если ты хочешь! Я буду вопросить на английском языке из-за того, что я не самоуверный, что я смогу написать все в по русски. Всё равно, благодарю вам за прочитать в моё форум!

    It is my opinion that (and largely yes because I am white) that the world as a whole is beginning and will continue to decline as long as minority populations continue to grow at an unreasonable pace. Listen, I see it everyday, I go to one of the highest performing public high schools in the state of Texas, and while it isn't 100% the case, there's a CLEAR de facto segregation between the high tier classes (advanced) and regulars. The black population especially in the advanced classes is negligable, while the hispanic population is better, it is still minimal. Furthermore, let me be blunt, when you meet the kids who have never taken an "advanced" class, you'll find that their English is broken, not because they speak Spanish, but often just because they cannot speak beyond an elementary level. Their handwriting is chicken scratch, and their attention spans are equivalent to squirrels.

    Allow me to use an example I see often enough: let's say I am in the parking lot, there are 3 different races in groups:

    White: No golf carts with assistant principals, no attention paid, no concern.

    Hispanic group of kids: Usually school officials drive over and break them up.

    Black: The police come over and break them up.

    There are plenty of "white trash" please don't get me wrong, but that's not what my rant is about.

    Races that concern me: Muslim/Arab

    I don't trust them. We as white people have been so pressured to treat every other race and women as equals, and yet NO ONE bothers to notice that in the Arab world women are forced to be covered head to toe, christians are persecuted (as well as atheists or non islamic peoples), and you're telling me that I'm the evil one as a white male?
    I am just going to say it, I believe overall that the arab world is trying to expand its borders, come and "take over" europe and the united states by breeding out the native population, there was a great example of this recently in Oklahama. Atheists here in the states LOVE to bash on Evangelicles, when IN REALITY the real enemy of the world to secularism is ISLAM! There's no doubt in my mind of this.

    I want to say that I am excluding Turks for the most part on this.

    I know what I sound like, but no amount of politically correct BACKWARDS bulls*** is going to convince me otherwise, while I understand, for example, that most Mexicans are great people, and they live in fear of the drug cartels, fact is that until evidence suggests that Mexico ISN'T turning into a lawless country, LETS SHIP THEM BACK AND STOP ALLOWING THE HORDES OVER THE BORDER. We should setup a work-visa program, at least something that says "hey, you aren't a drug cartel member, you can come to th U.S"

    To all of you, you're welcome to call me a backwards white male supremacist. I've made my case. just remember what language you're answering in

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    generalising at most times is a foolish (and dangerous) thing to do
    please always correct my (often poor) russian

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