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Thread: Quickest possible way to start speaking Russian fluently?

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    Quickest possible way to start speaking Russian fluently?

    Just wondering what you guys would say is the quickest possible way to learn russian almost fluently? (Without going to a different country)

    I have pretty much all day for the next couple of months to learn russian. What should I do to ensure I can speak it at a high level during this time?

    I will still be spending 5 hours per day learning it after these 2 months.


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    You need a lot of luck and a supernatural talent for languages All in all the mission is impossible, just because of the mere fact that it takes about five years for a child to start speaking their native language well enough
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    The most efficient way to learn is to take a formal class that meets several hours a week and assigns homework. Make friends with a few native Russian speakers who want to improve their English and practice a lot. (Skype works well. ) Listen to the radio and repeat everything you hear even if you don't understand it. Watch Russian films with subtitles until you nearly have them memorized. Look up words and then write them down. And after two months you will know about two months worth of Russian which to be completely honest isn't much. But it's a good start.
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    Well what I've been doing is writing down tons of phrases and memorising them. I've found that's the best way for me to learn. I'm studying medicine so I'm used to memorising things haha.

    I honestly don't think I could commit or afford formal classes, but I can commit to 5 hours per day when I have time.

    I've tried pimsleur and it's very very slow. It seems very tedious and a slow way to learn russian in my opinion.

    I've been listening to russian music, but I don't see how that helps if I don't understand what they're saying? Any advice on how to learn through music? I find this to be the most enjoyable way!

    People who move to England can learn English in a year. I don't see how I can't learn russian in a year if I just immerse myself in it!?

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    My friend. Skype is the best way to learning language, BUT only if you know basics of the language. And of course if you have native russian friends.

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