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Thread: Quick cultural question

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    Ah you drinksters! Nothing special...
    «И всё, что сейчас происходит внутре — тоже является частью вселенной».

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    now that we are discussing the great "cultrural" russian product, I must share this (confirmed) statistic that 50% of all russian vodka is fake(suragat or poljonaja as we call it) fake I mean that it made of dangerous chemicals .

    so be careful with what you buy.....the real vodka is always the one that costs most

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    Quote Originally Posted by basurero
    I saw a documentary about how some Russians drink bath oil.

    Have any of you tried it? Is it good?
    I remember I tried to drink eau-de-Cologne "Тройной" in 1991 or so. It was real extreme thing, rope jumping and base parachuting just suck.
    The main point was to dip red hot nail there to remove "the stench". After everybody barfed the block in our student hostel section smelled like perfumery shop.

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