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Thread: a question about spider-man 2 movie in russian

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    a question about spider-man 2 movie in russian

    Hi.. Well..

    a few things.. Do you know where can I find Spider-Man 2 ( In Russian) download/watch online?

    Second.. At the about end of the movie.. there is a talk betwee doc ock to spider-man.. about intelligence.. and a conversation between peter and mary jane at the cemetery.. could you please write down the lines they've spoken?

    thanks in advance,


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    Re: a question about spider-man 2 movie in russian

    I believe this is the scene you are talking about... If not, here is a link to the entire script:

    Peter: Dr. Octavius. We have to shut it down. Please tell me how.

    Dr. Octavius: Peter Parker? "Brilliant but lazy."

    Peter: Look at what's happening. We must destroy it.

    Dr. Octavius: I can't destroy it. I won't.

    Peter: You once spoke to me about intelligence. That it was a gift to be used for the good of mankind. A privilege. These things have turned you into something you're not. Don't listen to them.

    Dr. Octavius: It was my dream.

    Peter: Sometimes, to do what's right, we have to be steady... and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams.

    Dr. Octavius: You're right. He's right. Listen. Listen to me now. Listen to me now.

    Peter: Now, tell me how to stop it.

    Dr. Octavius: It can't be stopped. It's self-sustaining now.

    Peter: - Think!

    Dr. Octavius: - Unless... The river. Drown it. I'll do it.

    Peter: --No!

    Mary Beth: (screams)

    Peter: Hi.

    M.J.: Hi.

    Peter: This is really heavy. M.J. In case we die...

    M.J.: You do love me.

    Peter: I do.

    M.J.: Even though you said you didn't.

    Dr. Octavius: I will not die a monster.

    M.J.: (Screams)

    M.J.: I think I always knew...all this time...who you really were.

    Peter: Then you know why we can't be together. Spider-Man will always have enemies. I can't let you take that risk. I will... always be Spider-Man. You and I can never be.

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