Creating subtexts for an entire film is time consuming and somewhat boring and hard.
But many hands make light work!

I was wondering if anyone is up for creating subtitles as a joint project?
The purpose is for learning (improve hearing and vocabulary) and to make a film accessible to non-Russian speakerss. (Afterwards we'd share the subtitles with the rest of the world, of course!)

Anyone who speaks decent English and studies Russian can partipate, as well as anyone who speaks Russian and studies English. However, note: I personally can't provide technical help in Russian...
The benefit of participation, is that you get your translation checked by a native English speaker, and any translation mistakes hopefully pointed out by Russian speakers here.

Project Plan

  1. Form a team.
  2. Select a film (let me know if you have an idea, else I'll just nominate some films that lack subtitles, and the team can choose)
  3. Make sure everybody has a copy of the film and the subtexting software. It's not hard to use!
  4. Agree on who translates which part of the film. I.e. person A translates first 15 minutes, Person B translates section 0.15 to 0.30 (second 15 minutes) etc.
  5. Everybody tries their best to translate their segment, but has access to the forum to ask for help if they get stuck.
  6. Merge everyone's completed sections together.
  7. Proof read to ensure that the English is native-sounding and free of grammar/spelling errors.
  8. Ask native Russian speakers for help with checking accuracy of subtexts.
  9. Enjoy the film with subtitles and share with the world!

If you are interested post here, or PM me!