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Thread: "Night Witches" - film about Soviet female pilots to be made

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    "Night Witches" - film about Soviet female pilots to be made

    ‘Remember the Titans’ Scribe to Pen World War II Drama ‘Night Witches’ (EXCLUSIVE) | Variety

    Gregory Allen Howard is set to pen the World War II drama “Night Witches” for Boris Yeltsin’s Timedale Entertainment banner.

    Yeltsin, the grandson of the former Russian president, has become very active in the Hollywood scene. He’s produced several features and will produce this pic along with his Timedale Entertainment partner, D. Matt Geller.

    Film will be based on the true story of the female flying unit that fought in the Battle of Moscow. They were dubbed “Night Witches” by the frightened German soldiers because of the deadly stealth of their light planes.

    “I’m in the inspiration business and this is, by far, one of the most inspirational, heroic stories I’ve ever come across. I’m honored to be to be a part of it,” Yeltsin said. “I am really excited to move forward on this project. We have an opportunity to tell a great human interest story and give these WWII heroes the credit they deserve.”
    Yeltsin’s Grandson Developing Hollywood WWII Film | World | RIA Novosti

    A tale of two night witches and one war | Features & Opinion | RIA Novosti

    Overcoming traditional gender roles, Soviet women demonstrated extraordinary heroism in defense of their motherland. They paved the road for the future of Soviet women in aviation, proving that they too can be equals to men.

    “I was a little girl when the war started,” says former pilot Ida Potrokova, 75. “But I’ll never forget the Night Witches. We all respected and admired them. They did a man’s job in the time of war. It was heroic.”

    After the war, a number of them continued to fly, some as test pilots. Others retired to a quiet life or returned to work, either in factories or on farms. In spite of the danger and their heavy losses, many of the women described their combat experience as the most exciting time of their lives.

    “I sometimes stare into the blackness and I close my eyes,” says Popova. “I can still imagine myself as a young girl, up there in my little bomber. And I ask myself, Nadia – how did you do it?”
    Вот потому, что вы говорите то, что не думаете, и думаете то, что не думаете, вот в клетках и сидите. И вообще, весь этот горький катаклизм, который я здесь наблюдаю, и Владимир Николаевич тоже…

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    Paul G.
    I hope it will be not as crappy as the new "Stalingrad" movie. The family name "Yeltsin" also doesn't inspire me.
    It's a pity, but we forgot how to make good movies about a war.

    We'll see.

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