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Thread: Proper nouns in Dostoevsky's works

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    Proper nouns in Dostoevsky's works

    Here's the opening of Dostoevsky's "Преступление и Наказание":
    В начале июля, в чрезвычайно жаркое время, под вечер, один молодой человек вышел из своей каморки, которую нанимал от жильцов в С — м переулке, на улицу и медленно, как бы в нерешимости, отправился к К — ну мосту.
    Why is it that he doesn't spell the names of places completely? [в С-м переулке; к К-ну мосту]
    My first guess was that it's because these details are rather marginal, but then I remembered that in "Идиот" there is a personage who takes part in many conversations, and is always referred to as "Князь Щ".
    Any ideas?
    Is it only Dostoevsky's style, or something of a Russian literary tradition?
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    Re: Proper nouns in Dostoevsky's works

    Quote Originally Posted by Misha Tal
    Is it only Dostoevsky's style, or something of a Russian literary tradition?
    It's a kind of old-fashioned tradition from 19th century. And I think it is not only Russian. Something like in a memoirs or clinical description in a medical journal - makes a feeling like if it was really happened.
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