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Thread: My car seat friends are dieing to know...

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    My car seat friends are dieing to know...

    Someone found a video episode of Главная Дорога where the guys test car seats. They stick eggs in the crotch area, do a rather slow crash test and show whether the eggs broke or not. The eggs are fine for the shield booster, a funky polish harness, and for the rear-facing 5 point harness, but break for the forward facing 5 point harness. Anyway, my friends want to know what the purpose of the testing was. Was it really to see how car seats protect "the family jewels"?


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    The purpose was to make a show and they played with Russian words for greater fun. If those "tests" have prognostic value is a question of discussion but I doubt they are adequate for many reasons. Namely "family jewels" and eggs have very different crash characteristics (brittleness/elasticity).
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