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Thread: Language Translations

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    Language Translations

    We are looking for Freelance Translators and bilingual people to work
    on our Translation Projects. Globalization process creates more than
    ever growing demand for Language Translations. We have being constantly
    expanding, and looking for additional resources in various languages,
    and areas of expertise. Please, place your profile at our Corporate Web
    Site, and choose “Employment”. We will be
    contacting you when projects, requiring your skills and expertise are
    needed. We and our team look forward to hearing from you and working

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    I think that you need to edit out the comma after .com
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    Cool! How much do you pay?
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    Unless the owner of Masterrussian and the academy came to a special agreement, I would regard that ad as spam. I think so, because Masterrussian was not the only website on which they placed their ads. Yes, I did visit their web-site as they offered and never found any links to Masterrussian or whichsoever other. I just wonder, if they like to leave their links on every web-site dedicated to languages, why don't they place those websites' links on their own site then?
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