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Thread: I hope the Yellowstone says its loaded word

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    Paul G.

    I hope the Yellowstone says its loaded word

    and bursts soon. What about tomorrow? Or next week maybe?

    It would be a perfect requital to all the Americans. (and stop correcting me!)

    P.S. Lampada, your childish behavior is pathetic. You think if you close painful topics it really helps, right? In fact, it's just silly and impotent.
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    Да, мне тоже себя жалко.
    "...Важно, чтобы форум оставался местом, объединяющим людей, для которых интересны русский язык и культура. ..." - MasterАdmin (из переписки)

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    It took me 15 minutes to catch the meaning of Paul's metaphors and I am still not sure whether I got it right( Does anybody agree with Paul's brave prediction? Personally I think that "the Yellowstone" will not venture to act in a military space while the story unfolds in juridical.

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