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Thread: Human Geography

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    Human Geography

    For the past couple of years I have posted information on my girl's social studies/history classes. This year, they are going to be taking AP Human Geography. This class asks one overarching question: "Why do people live where they live?" In other words, the why of where.

    Topics will include:

    I. Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives
    II. Population and Migration
    III. Cultural Patterns and Processes
    IV. Political Organization of Space
    V. Agriculture, Food Production, and Rural Land Use
    VI. Industrialization and Economic Development
    VII. Cities and Urban Land Use

    To help the students understand the main idea of the class, the teacher will tell the students on the first or second day of class why he happens to be living where he is in the US in the year 2013, and then invites the students to tell their stories as to how it is they are where they are.

    So, MR members... what is your story? Are you where you are because your family has always been in that area or did somewhere along this way a parent, grandparent, great-grand parent move to that area and settle down and if so, do you know the "why of the where?"
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    I was born where my parents lived at that time, then we moved to a place not far away as my father got a flat there, much later I went to a different country for work and spent two years there, when I came back (my passport was about to expire and I decided not to take pains making the new one there) a friend of mine persuaded me to live with him in the city he lives, so I moved again to the place where I am now, and as I'm not happy here (can't find a good job) I'm going to move again. The conclusion is that two things make me move around, they are my family and money =)

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