I'm Shivangi from India. I'm a new member here.I am presently teaching English in China and I love languages. I speak several and I wish to add Russian to my kitty. I have already tried to learn the language once from the Russian Cultural centre based in Mumbai but somehow was very discouraged within a short time.

Now that I am in China of course it is more diffciult to learn ANY language but I guess I just need some support and encouragement to start over with the Russian tongue (and I promise that's the first thing on the to-do list when I get home).

And of course the vibrant culture is a plus too. My mother belongs to the generation that saw wars and the Indo-Russian pacts being made with the two countries in alliance. I grew up with that. I am currently compiling a short storybook for children with Russian fairytale characters such as Baba Yaga, Prince Ivan, the rusalki..