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Thread: Famous flag raiser dies

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    Famous flag raiser dies ... AVDWer.jpg

    This man, raising the flag over the Reichstag, died today at age 90. For Americans, this photo is the Iwo Jima of Russia if you will. Until the mid 90's he was unknown because the names in the photo were falsified, one being Georgian to please Stalin. However the truth came out and he was given the highest honors, a school was named after him and also a boxing tournament.
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    Re: Famous flag raiser dies

    His name was Abdulkhakim Ismailov from Dagestan. He fought at Stalingrad in 1942/43. His troops were among those liberating Berlin in 1945. He became »Hero of the Soviet Union«.

    Too bad that this flag has been removed later on. Should stay there forever.

    There are only very few media in new Greater Germany today commemorating Ismailov. This,,
    is a laudable exeption.

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