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Thread: keen on, fond of

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    keen on, fond of

    - He is a travel enthusiast.

    What is the most close translation: keen on or fond of travelling?
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    "Keen on" sounds.... British? Obscure for sure, not something I'd ever hear in the U.S. unless the speaker was being intentionally weird. "Fond of travelling" is good, that'd work. "fond of" adds connotation that the thing is "close to your heart", or has a sentimental importance to you, yet it is still mild, not as serious as loving, or adoring.
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    "Keen on" isn't British. I use it often. It's just less popular than saying "fond of."

    She was keen on finishing that book. - This makes it sound like she's more serious about doing it.
    She was fond of finishing that book. - This makes it sound like she wants to, but will do it whenever. There's less determination here.

    "Fond of" is just another way to say that you like something. "Keen on" implies a more serious liking towards something.
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    May I place an external link here?
    Just yesterday I encountered this video (and enjoyed it!)
    English Vocabulary: other words for LIKE and DON’T LIKE

    What do you think about "a fan of" option?
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