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Thread: priviet, I am from Singapore.

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    priviet, I am from Singapore.

    Hello guys, menya zovut Abner. My purpose here is to learn Russian language from you people. I find it a cool language!!!
    I'm not native in English either so I don't know what I can offer in exchange, izvinite.

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    Hi, and Welcome Abner!

    I just wanna note 2 things!
    First, it would be best if you use Cyrillic Alphabets for Russian phrases, cause it would explain the pronunciation much better, and it will make you more familiar with Russian alphabet sooner!
    So--> Привет ~~ Меня зовут Абнер ~~ Извините ! ( why Извините??! )

    Secondly, it is not necessary to "offer" something, you "can" but it's not a "should"!
    Many users help each other without a trade-off!
    That's why there is an individual category for exchanges :
    Penpals and Language Exchange

    So good luck, hope you enjoy your precious time in MR!
    Let's Live By The Moment... Cause Together Ain't Promised Forever
    Жить надо так, чтобы тебя помнили и сволочи
    Du Vet Inte Vad Som Kan Hända Innan Aftonen!

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    Thank you for enlightening me
    It is true that I need to get used to Russian alphabets. I can read words most of the time but still find it hard to do so. I took quite some time to convert the letters in russian word to english and then read it out (though my pronounciation can be wrong). I also do get mixed up with the letters that look exactly like the counterpart in english. E.g. b=v in russian but I read it as b as in boy in english.

    You were right, I guess I must get familarised with the RU alphabets

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    Изучение двух языков вовремя должно быть озадачивающее. Мне жаль вас! Но, мой почёт за ваши стремления!
    "Особенно упорно надо заниматься тем, кто ничего не знает." - Като Ломб

    "В один прекрасный день все ваши подспудные знания хлынут наружу. Ощущения при этом замечательные, уверяю вас." -Кто-то

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