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Thread: My name's John Ross

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    My name's John Ross

    As the title says my name is John Ross, yes that is my "first" name. I serve in the U.s. Marines and just finding something productive to do while I'm on Christmas leave. So thought I'd learn Russian.

    Well I just got the Rosetta Stone today, and the learning curve of it is kind of tough. Matching pictures to words/sentences trying to figure out what it means, pretty difficult. So I stumbled upon this gold mine of a website and thought I'd give it a shot and get some help to greatly improve my Russian.

    Well I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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    Merry Christmas, John Ross!
    Try Pimsleur if you can get it. Rosetta Stone focuses on learning separate words, which is not the same as learning a foreign language. But it's better than nothing. Every step counts.
    Good luck.

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