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Thread: Hi! I'm a newbie

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    Hi! I'm a newbie

    hello everyone!

    my name's mickey and i first studied russian in college, which was roughly five years ago. i took two introductory classes as part of our foreign language requirement (i majored in english studies). i want to learn russian because i love russian literature and wish to someday read the great works in the original and not in translation. this year one of my resolutions is to study russian almost every day. it really is a tough language but i try my best.

    so glad i found this site.

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    Добро пожаловать на наш форум! Ваше стремление весьма похвально, овладев русским в еще большей степени вы, несомненно, посмотрите на некоторые вещи по другому. Успехов вам в этом крайне интересном деле!

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    Paul G.
    private soldier Mickey, we shall test your character. If you are a weak person, you will cry after the first lesson. You're in the army now and that's a rough place. Anyway, welcome aboard.

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