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Thread: Hi! I'm from Belarus

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    Hi! I'm from Belarus

    Hi everybody!
    I'm Alexander from Belarus!
    I studing English and need more practice.
    Perhaps more useful for me will be writing to each other by email,icq,etc...
    Of course I can help study Russian, it's my native language. Elso I know Polish(speak,read), Belarussian(native).

    I'm 33 years old, programmer, have different hobbies...

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    Hi Alexander ( beautiful name BTW! ) and Welcome!
    You already know some of the most beautiful languages in the world!
    I'm sure you will find a native English speaker here, however feel free to ask any question on the forum, you will get plenty of answers immediately.
    Let's Live By The Moment... Cause Together Ain't Promised Forever
    Жить надо так, чтобы тебя помнили и сволочи
    Du Vet Inte Vad Som Kan Hända Innan Aftonen!

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    Thanks. I'll try.

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