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Thread: hello from Virginia!

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    hello from Virginia!

    Hey everyone, I guess since this is the place to introduce myself i'll do just that!

    I am knotts. I speak very little Russian but I will learn this language and I will speak it fluently! Failure is never an option

    I am very fluent in English and grammar, so should a question arise I will always be willing to help. If I do not know the answer, I will research it and return to you with cited sources for your question.

    I have many questions about Russian and the cyrillic alphabet, I honestly don't know where to begin... so I suppose that would be the first, and most important, question to ask.

    Thank you in advance to all the people that help!

    (I don't know how well his post is articulated so if there is any errors or confusion I apologize, I am writing from a phone that isn't very internet friendly).

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    Hello! And welcome!

    I speak Russian and know a little English
    Feel free to ask any questions


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    Here is the Russian alphabet. It has a little difference from the other post about the order of the hard and soft sign, but it is mostly in agreement.


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