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Thread: Hello, new here

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    Hello, new here

    Hello everyone!
    Im new here and interested in learning the language. I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction as far as learning goes like a book or program. I have heard mixed reviews on Rosetta stone and i guess it is real hit and miss on different languages and most all books and programs lack in conversation and talking like a regular person. So right now im just trying to tackle the alphabet as that seems like there is little room for error. And i plan to use this forum to help out with the conversational part.
    I was also currious if someone can help me out with a word, what is russian for "Rise" as in to get up, pick yourself up? I have tried looking it up online and in the english to russian dictionary but there seem to be a lot of words for that and not sure what would be the right one.

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    Hello and welcome to Master Russian! There are a lot of nice persons here who can help you. I too) My English is not very well as I would like but I think I can help you in some questions. My skype: brandanovich

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