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    Privet vsem!!! I looking for people who can help me with English and I can help her/him wit Rusian

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    If you don't exclusively looking for a kinda-tutor, i would recommend you the forum's chat.
    If you couldn't get along with chat, you can ask your questions here.
    But obviously the key for improving your language skills is to communicate in that language, so you should chat or try to find a penpal!
    But it is very unlikely that someone starts to teach you English from A to Z!!
    Other than that, if you "just" want to learn some rules, without knowing how to 'exactly' use them, you can use one of these websites:
    Learn English Online - Free EFL/ESL English Lessons
    LearnEnglish | British Council
    Learn English Online with ENGLISH DAILY

    However, these websites will help you, for sure. But at the end of the day, you should "use" them!
    Cause no-one can teach you "fluency" from a book.

    + If you let me, i want to correct a little mistakes :
    -"I looking for ..." --> I 'am' looking for ...
    since you have used "ing" and you are talking about present.

    And 2 typos/wrong-dictation :
    "Wit" --> with
    "Rusian" --> Russian

    Good Luck!
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    Du Vet Inte Vad Som Kan Hända Innan Aftonen!

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