Hello, everybody! My name is Francesca, I am 17 and I come from Romania. I live Alba Iulia, a marvellous city located in the well-known region of Transylvania-the heart of my country. I'm in the 11th grade in a bilingual English class, preparing to take the CAE next year. So, I am an advanced English user, available to help you improve your English.
This summer I've been on a camp in Oxford, UK, where I discovered a new passion: Russian. I loved spending time with the students from Russia and, when I got home, I decided to take up their language.
I think it is a great language, spoken by a great people, and I feel very sorry that it is not taught in Romanian schools any longer. Instead, I have to study, apart from English, French (I don't like it very much) and Latin (here I'm quite good).
I think it is an advantage the fact that I'm a native Romanian speaker because my language has quite some similarities with Russian: 20% of the Romanian vocabulary consists of words of Slavic origin and I'm used to the sounds ш, ц, and ы. Therefore, I think I can learn Russian more easily than speakers of other origins.
I wish to find a pen pal, preferably from Russia, who can help me take my Russian to higher levels. I can help you improve your English level or even teach you some French, Latin or, why not, Romanian, if interested.

Thank you for reading my introduction! I look forward to hearing from you.
If you wish to contact me via email, here's my address: francescadoriani2408@gmail.com