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Thread: Привет :)

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    Привет :)

    Привет, Меня зовут Magda (Магда?) и мне 19 лет. Я полька но живу в Шотландия.

    I just started to learn Russian a week ago, and while I can understand a little because I'm Polish, I'm really struggling with writing (I keep mixing letters up ) and speaking, but I guess that's pretty normal at the beginning.
    I have no Cyrillic stickers on my keyboard and I'm still trying to remember where the individual letters are :P
    I really want to become fluent, hence I'm here.
    Hoping to find some people to practice my Russian with

    Other than English and Polish, I also speak a little Spanish, but I'm abandoning my Spanish studies for now, and I'm going to focus on Russian.
    Because we all know Россия is better than Испания. Adiós Español.

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    Hey there, Magda. It's always good to see new people here. Learning Russian is no easy thing, but with the help of the community you will be speaking Russian in no time. Might I also say that being Polish will be a great help as well. Good luck on your Russian journeys

    BTW, I really like your avatar image. Are you a fan of the Witcher series or just Ciri?
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    Witcher series... I just started to read the books too and I absolutely love them.
    But I love to play games in general, not just the witcher (uncharted ftw).
    I actually learned my first Russian words in a game. Maybe they weren't very nice (I was playing cs go), but still something to add to my vocabulary list haha

    Now I'm just using duolingo and watching some Russian youtubers.
    Will see how it goes

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