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Thread: Привет, меня зовут Liam

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    Привет, меня зовут Liam

    Privyet! Menya Zavoot Liam I Ya iz United Kingdom.

    I am only 17 and I wish to advance my Russian language as I speak none of it. I am too poor to afford lessons so I try to teach myself. I have only learnt the Russian alphabet and can also read Russian if I take my time and even then I sometimes get it wrong.

    Just introducing myself as I plan to be fairly active on here!

    Spasibo and take care.

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    Hi Liam! Welcome here, I am glad that you are here. Enjoy!

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    Welcome To MR Liam! hope someday u can be Master in Russian!
    Let's Live By The Moment... Cause Together Ain't Promised Forever
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    Du Vet Inte Vad Som Kan Hända Innan Aftonen!

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