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Thread: Привет вем =)

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    Smile Привет вем =)

    Я из Китая. Сейсас я учусь в университете, изучаю английский и русский язык.
    Я начала изучать русский язык год назад но сейчас он мне даётся всё ещё не легко.
    Hello everyone! I am a girl from China, I can speak Chinese English and a little Russian. I started learning Russian about one years ago.
    Compared with English, Russian is a lot more difficult for me
    I really hope I would make more friends here, and improve my Russian at the same time

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    Welcome tinaanit!

    Looking at what you wrote I'd say your Russian seems excellent I hope you'll find what you're looking for in here. Well, I'm sure you will.

    A few quick notes if you don't mind:

    Title: привет всем - I'm sure it was just a typo though

    ...изучаю английский и русский языки - you listed two languages there, didn't you? But used a singlular язык. Btw, this kind of mistake is one of those errors even natives make from time to time.

    Я начала изучать русский язык год назад, но сейчас он мне даётся всё ещё не легко. - There are clearly two clauses there so you need to separate them with a comma. Also, if you see но/а you usually put a comma before them if not always.

    All the best to you
    I do not claim that my opinion is absolutely true.
    If you've spotted any mistake in my English, please, correct it. I want to be aware of any mistakes to efficiently eliminate them before they become a habit.

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