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Thread: Здравствуйте!

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    Wink Здравствуйте!

    Hello everybody, I am a native English speaker who would like to become fluent in Russian.
    Any help or advice would be appreciated and I'd like to talk with native Russians to help me learn

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    Google. Google. Google. Google. Google.
    Wiktionary. Wiktionary. Wiktionary. Wiktionary. Wiktionary.
    Maybe a movie or two now and then.
    Some forum posts.
    Magnificent charts of magnificent systems.
    Youtube videos + youtube comments
    Get a chrome extension that automatically translates a word that you double click on.
    *Short version*

    For real though,
    Many things will, obviously, have good explanations and bad ones. Try not to stress over the bad ones, and expose yourself to as many explanations as possible so you can find the good ones.
    I also recommend, when trying to memorize something like all the possible noun forms, to just take it easy and soak it up over time with exposure, rather than sitting down and trying to push it into your brain.
    This channel presents 90% of the language in a very concise way.

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    Make at least 15 minutes a day on your Russian studies. That'll help you way more than a "long haul" on select days. You gotta keep your mind attuned to the language to make progress. That's especially true on the early stages. Other than that, just relax and try not to push it, take it at your own pace. There is no need to sit and drill, it'll all come to you naturally through the sheer number of times you'll come across same things over and over again. You can also contact me if you ever want to talk Russian/English with me. Damn, I haven't done that for so long, my English must be rusty My Russian is always good though.
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    I do not claim that my opinion is absolutely true.
    If you've spotted any mistake in my English, please, correct it. I want to be aware of any mistakes to efficiently eliminate them before they become a habit.

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    I cant speak Russian at all I don't think, at least not at a speed suitable for conversation, so I'll have to improve generally before I think about that, however I think I'm making progress. Thanks for the tips!

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