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    меня зовут Justin. I have loved and desired to learn the Russian language since around early 2000. I saw the animated movie Anastasia and when they said до свидания, I was drawn to learn.
    I have flash cards which I drill myself on the Cyrillic Alphabet, I can read Russian decently but want to make sure I'm saying the words correct and I still don't know what I'm reading most of the time.
    I am learning on my own just because I love the sound of the language, no real reason other than that.
    I recently met someone who speaks Russian in my area and was so excited, but I don't want to bother him all the time.
    If anyone wants to send me links or take the time to just talk with me I'm very friendly and willing to learn. I just need someone to guide me and correct me when I need.
    I added stickers onto my keyboard keys for when I change my keys over to Russian so I really am trying and I do take this seriously, but am a slower learner.
    спасибо, I look forward to meeting new people and expanding my knowledge from all of you.

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    One correction Здравствуйте. I think you made a typo though. I can PM you my skype username If you want to. Alternatively, you may be interested with the chat we have here. Good luck.
    I do not claim that my opinion is absolutely true.
    If you've spotted any mistake in my English, please, correct it. I want to be aware of any mistakes to efficiently eliminate them before they become a habit.

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    Oops, yes I hit the English key for V on accident. спасибо. I appreciate the invitation and gladly accept.

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    Welcome! Добро пожаловать на форум!

    One time I got a review from a Russian mag, and I had to type it in Russian into the translator (it was in PDF and wouldn't copy the cyrillic for some reason). That got me temporarily quite good at typing in Russian, lol.

    I will be joining you in the chat soon

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