BELORYBITSA folk band performs authentic Russian and Balkan folklore. Among the musical compositions there are traditional ceremonial and dancing songs as well as instrumental music from the south and west of Russia. At the concert of BELORYBITSA you'll have a possibility to listen to rare music and to see the original instruments, such as kugikli (a kind of Pun-flute), gusli, Russian lyre (hurdy-gurdy) and some others. Except of Russian traditional instruments, the musicians use Galician and Bulgarian bagpipes, Bulgarian flutes, Turkish drum. Inspired with Russian folklore and traditional music of other countries, BELORYBITSA also creates its own remarkable music with the outstanding singing of the vocalists, dynamic bagpipe solo, captivating sounds of flute, gusli fingerings and old kugikli folk-tunes, all of this carrying us to the old times. All the elements of this music harmonically supplement each other.
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