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Thread: Do you have "estate sales" in Russia?

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    Do you have "estate sales" in Russia?

    Here in the US we have this thing where folks will gather all their old or unwanted personal possessions, like clothing, books, furniture, etc, put them out in the driveway, and sell them to passersby. It's called the "estate sale", or "yard sale, garage sale, porch sale", etc. The people selling will advertise the week before, and usually they are held on a weekend. During the week, other folks will scan the classified ads for the addresses of these sales, and go out in the morning and go shopping at these homes. If they are like me, they will map out all the sales days ahead and plan the best strategy for hitting as many sales as early as possible. It's almost like a military operation...I'll hit 30 or more sales on a Saturday morning, it gets quite hectic. I actually stopped at a house with stuff on the driveway and got out to have a look around, but it turned out the guy was just cleaning his garage, not having a sale. But he was nice about it, a little bemused maybe.
    The sellers can make quite a bit of cash if they are selling decent stuff, and the buyers (like me) can get some truly unbelievable bargains. Especially when someone is cleaning out an attic or basement and you start finding antiques and collectibles that can be resold at huge profit. You would not believe the stuff I get, for next to nothing in price!
    Is there any such tradition in Russia?

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    no, because there is no real suburbs in Russia yet

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    In my city there's a market called "Хитрый рынок". Every weekend people go there to sell and buy stuffs from rare coins out of XI century to moth-eaten coats.
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    Inhabitants of this district
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    could probably arrange such an event, but I cannot see any easy way for them to "advertise".
    Though it is not suburbs, but almost the center.
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