This section of the forum is created to add some spark to your learning with videos. You can embed videos clips available via on-demand video services like YouTube or Google Video.

Simply start a new thread with a video in your first post. Then you can ask questions about the video or post comments in reply to the original posts made by other users.

Be creative. Here are some ideas of what you could do with videos:

1. Ask for help with video -- If your listening comprehension is not yet perfect, you may ask others what is being said in the video

2. Create video transcripts -- You may type what is being said in the video for others to read.

3. Key vocabulary -- you may highlight the key vocabulary words and phrases used in the video

4. Other creative ideas -- anything else that will help you learn Russian and explore the Russian culture

In order to embed a video hosted on other websites (like youtube or google video), use the "video" button when entering your message (above the area where you enter the text) and place the address of the video (starting with http:// ) withing the video tags. Example of video embed: