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Thread: ukrainian textbook

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    ukrainian textbook

    Could someone recommend a beginning Ukrainian course for me (book with tapes or cds)? Has anyone used "Colloquial Ukrainian: The Complete Course for Beginners"? It looks like I'll probably be spending this coming year in Ukraine, so I want to start learning.

    I'm sure this question has been asked more than once on this board, but I searched and couldn't find it. Thanks!

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    I have Colloquial Ukrainian and the tapes, and I think it's okay. But I can't compare it to other books, cause I've never used any. There are some words and expressions in it, though, that I've never heard in all the 7 months or so in total that I have been in Ukraine. But maybe that also depends on where you are in the country. And you shouldn't pay attention to the explanations about shopping and money, for example, cause that's really outdated.
    Now I'm only mentioning the negative sides of the book and it might look like it's not very good, but it really helped me a lot and I think it's very understandable.

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    Thanks синичка, that's helpful. If anyone else has had any experience with other materials It would be great to hear about them too.


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    Colloquial Ukrainian, like all Routledge books, is rather poor. As I don't know what level of expertise you hope to attain, let me refer you to this list (scroll down):

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