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    not really

    in fact it can be quite confusing in fact, for example during the recent orange revolution events in Kiev many of the people in Independence Square were holding up signs which said ТАК ЮШЕНКО, unless you know that in Ukrainian так means yes you woodn't have been able to really understand it. Of course when you see written on a store door something like "Працуэ 9.00-18.00 " you can probably guess that працуэ means работает works or is open but still as you can see it's a totally different word, or suppose you see an announcement which has the word УВАГА written across the top in huge red letters, if you only know Russian you might think that some people are demanding respect or something but in actuality УВАГА means attention and so on and so forth

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    Так Ющенко!

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    That's quite simple. Although Russian and Ukrainian languages have common root, they are quite different. For foreigner they can sound like Spanish and Portugese or so. So if you are, for example, extremely good in Russian, you'll be able to understand the meaning of a Ukrainian sentence. But trying to speak Ukraininan just adding Ukrainian endings to Russian words is nonsense.

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